Disclaimer Contraindications

Disclaimer/Contraindications - Before you can start learning you please read.

When you go through the checkout you will need to tick/check that you have read the following: 

1. I confirm I do not have the following:  (if I do - I will not book in for the training, for my safety):

  •  Heart failure. 
  •  Thrombosis. 
  •  Aneurysm
  •  Psychosis or any psychiatric disease. 

I understand it would be dangerous to do all of the Personal Tuning exercises/breathing if I have these conditions stated in number 1.  If you have the conditions above sorry but Personal Tuning may not be safe for you.  Please do not continue with purchase.  Thank you.

3. I will tell my Instructor before booking the class/session if I have any of the following conditions and agree that I must practice the technique in a slightly different way than the other participants for reasons of safety and agree to do so as instructed.

  • Heart disease or Arrhythmia or Epilepsy.
  • Cancer Severe illness of any kind.
  • Very high Hypertension.
  • Severe malaise (severe depression, severe anxiety)
I understand that…

1. Although the exercises are lying down and are very gentle, I will be working muscles that have not been exercised much in the past. I understand that if on the rare occasion I start to get discomfort, cramping or dizzy during or after doing the exercises I will tell my Instructor and the next time I do them I will move more slowly and/or move with less exertion/less distance or angle. I will continue doing less until my body has got used to the movement and will increase the intensity slowly until by body can cope with it. I will contact my Instructor if I have problems before giving up on the exercises so we can sort. I understand a couple of treatments with Suzanne at Aches Away in Whangarei or if out of Whangarei an Osteopath may be beneficial but not always necessary.

2. I will NOT stop or reduce any medication I have been prescribed without first discussing with my Doctor. I understand that Personal Tuning Ltd is not advising me to decrease or stop my medication. I understand that by doing Personal Tuning some of my symptoms may improve which may require my medication to be reassessed by my Doctor and I will monitor this closely with my Doctor.

5. I will not copy or share the Personal Tuning exercise sheet with anyone else. I understand they need the proper training and supervision from the Instructor to practice Personal Tuning safely. If someone asks for the instruction sheet I will tell them it is not safe without the proper instructions and will not give the sheet to them but will give them the website www.personaltuning.co.nz so they can learn properly. The fee your friend will pay goes towards the costs associated with the Instructors training, costs of website set up and ongoing web host fees, the time taken to set up the administration and ongoing administration. Cost of ongoing facebook management fees and advertising, zoom fees, costs of insurance etc. We hope they understand. Thanks for being honourable.

6. I will not share any information from the session with others whether it be about the technique or about other participants (if in a group training) and agree to keep their information confidential. I understand I can discuss within the group (if in a group training or Personal Tuning Facebook group).

6. For webinars – I will not let anyone else be present in the room while I am watching the session. The privacy of the other participants is important (for group training) and the webinar sessions if private are for you only, not for anyone else.

By purchasing and attending the seminars you agree to the above conditions. Thanks for your understanding. You will be asked to tick/check a box during the checkout process.